Education is the right of every citizen. East Kalimantan Province has a 12-year free education program. Gross enrollment ratios Primary School level in 2009 reached 112.30 percent and high school level GER ranked fourth nationally. On the other hand, East Kalimantan Province also has limitations in education facilities and infrastructure. Some barriers are factors such as land area, population distribution is uneven and limited transportation infrastructure. With these achievements and constraints, it is necessary to evaluate the education in East Kalimantan province? Furthermore, in conducting the evaluation used data analysis tools Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model of Banker Charnes and Cooper (BCC) with output orientation. Results Analysis showed that District/Municipality covers a relatively efficient Paser District, Berau District, Manilau District, Balikpapan Municipality, Samarinda Municipality and Bontang Municipality. While the relatively inefficient covering West Kutai District, Kutai Kartanegara District, East Kutai District, Bulungan District, Nunukan District, Penajam Paser District, Tarakan Municipality. District/Municipality that became a reference in the increased efficiency is Paser District, Berau District, Samarinda and Bontang Municipalities. Furthermore, the Municipality of Samarinda is the most efficient evaluation unit and at most be a reference to increased efficiency. selengkapnyaEVALUASI PEMBANGUNAN PENDIDIKAN DI KALIMANTAN TIMUR engls


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